-Bill Conkey {Greenlight Financial}

As Freddie’s “Rainmaker” moniker connotes, he is a true difference maker with an exceptional ability to attract clients, drive the business and make deals happen. Freddie is considered one of the most successful origination executives I know. Just as importantly, he is a real gentleman and true professional who studies the business, has an unmatched work ethic and is committed to “doing it right”. He is an absolute credit to the industry. Freddie has an advantage over most other origination managers — he not only has “street knowledge” but also makes it his business to stay closely abreast of the economic/interest rate outlook, competitive programs and guideline changes. And, he maintains close communication with secondary marketing, underwriting and operations management. As a result, his production contribution to the firm goes beyond traditional day-to-day origination. He provides invaluable insight and suggestions on how the company can tweak programs, promote new products, facilitate transaction management, and otherwise deliver best-in-class “product, price and service”. It is an honor for me to know Freddie the Rainmaker. I will be happy to recommend him any time . . . any place. Please contact me if you have any questions whatsoever.