About Us

Rainmaker Reverse has made a name for itself in the financial circle within a very short span of time because of the excellent services that it provides. It is now one of the most premier loan arrangers in America. We are one of the fastest growing companies and preferred among the top reverse mortgage service providers nationally. Our mission is to serve and advise Seniors. Our professional team is made up of true reverse mortgage specialists. Your choice consultant will listen to your needs and help you choose the loan that suits you best. They will explain all about mortgage loan strategies, how to achieve a low interest payment and how you can reduce or completely eliminate fees.


 Rainmaker Reverse provides financing services, with a core focus on reverse mortgage loans. We have a diverse product mix, an innovative online mortgage lending platform, and a staff of seasoned, experienced professionals, We provide a low cost, single source solution for reverse mortgage loans. Essentially, our services give you the freedom to access equity that exists in your home, to enhance your lifestyle. You are free to use this money, in any way you wish, to enjoy a more rewarding lifestyle.

Our Loan Processing program ensures clear communication between our brokers and our clients. We specialise in providing you with the opportunity to unlock equity you’ve worked hard to build up in your home and enhance your lifestyle for years to come. It is available to seniors and can be used to pursue the wealth of opportunities that await you.

Reverse Mortgage Training

We train other brokers on the intricacies of Reverse Mortgages all over America. Our director, Freddie the ‘Rainmaker’ (as he is known in the industry) is a highly skilled sales trainer and coach for the Reverse Mortgage industry. We have trained literally hundreds of loan originators and brokers all over the country, to become highly skilled Reverse Mortgage originators.

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